The Crossfire Select Soccer Club provides an environment that promotes a life-long love of the game while developing teamwork as well as individual responsibility, commitment and leadership through quality training and appropriate competition for all participants.



Crossfire Select Pombo U13 - Seattle United Cup Champions

Congratulations to Garret Price  (Crossfire Select O’Melia B02) for being selected for 2016/17 Washington Youth Soccer Elite Player Development (EPD) '02 Team. Several other Crossfire Select  '02 and '03 players were also invited back for the 2nd week of tryout call backs.  Congratulations to all the boys who gave it their all at the EPD tryouts!

Crossfire Select adds a second player to the Wasthington Youth Soccer Elite Player Development (EPD) '02 team. Congratulations Kristof Deme.


Crossfire Select Luna U15 - Bigfoot Champions

Crossfire Select Taylor U19 - Baker Blast Champions

Crossfire Select Jordan U12 - Island Cup Champions

Crossfire Select Jordan U12 - Sky River Tournament Champions

Crossfire Select Barnes U13 - Eastside FC Cup Champions

Crossfire Select Barnes U13 - River Jam Challenge Champoins

Crossfire Select Meade U11 - Bigfoot Champions







Assigning a Referee to Your Team

If you have a team parent (or sibling) who is trained to be a referee, they need to log on to either www.referees.lwysa.org (U11 and U12) or www.ekcsra.org (U13 through U18) and associate themselves with your team. If Step 5 doesn't have hyperlinks, email the referee assignor directly to get associated to the team.

Here are the steps they must follow:

  1. Log on to the site.
  2. The left-hand menu choose Referee.
  3. Click on Youth Pool.
  4. You will see a grid. Type the coach's name into the box above Name and press the Show button.
  5. Your team should appear in the list; click on the number under the Key column. 
  6. On this next page click Confirm and you are all set! To make sure you are now linked, you can re-do the search and make sure that your name appears under the Referee header.

Any team can have more than one referee!  One referee can work for more than one team!  Share the love!

If you are looking to get trained to become a referee, please check this website.

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